A boy's hands on the keyboard

Touch Typing / Keyboard Skills

Being able to type fast and accurately is a wonderful skill to have.

It takes a bit of practice, but this can be fun, and over the course of 8 weeks, children can learn the basics.

The course of 8 lessons (45 min each) costs €50. (€10 extra for computer rental if required; it is best if students can bring a laptop.)

Age 9+.

Why this course is so special to me

When I was ten, I wanted to play with my father’s type writer, his nice mechanical Olympia one.  He said: OK, but only if you learn how to type properly. I was handed a typing tutor, he showed me where to put my fingers, and off I went, fjfj fjfj and then fghj fghj etc.
This is was one of the best presents he ever made me. I went on to become a proficient, fast typist. And I passed this on to my son when he started using a computer, so he’s now as fast a typist as I am, or possibly even faster. He thinks he’s faster…

A boy's hands on the keyboard

Those hands can fly.

It’s a great skill to have. For school and later college – projects, essays, much easier if you know how to type fast. For general convenience – getting passwords right most of the time, for instance. And my son loves being able to ‘chat’ online, e.g. while playing Minecraft – he can say more, and faster, than others with his keyboard. And projects for school are still a chore, but at least typing them is no problem.
For those reasons, I am on a mission. I want to teach children how to touch type!

Bookings can be made by contacting Sabine by text on 086 0597 348, by email at cccSkerries@gmail.com or through our online booking form.